Fast and Easy Ways on How to Get Rid of Hickeys

Okay, so you just had the most passionate night of your life. It was ecstatic as seen with the marks on your neck or anywhere else on your body. You smile with just a mere thought of it but you have a business meeting the next day. What should you do to avoid the curious and malicious eyes that will judge you from head to toe? Well, you have just clicked on the right site for this page shall tell you ways on how to get rid of hickeys fast and easy.

Hickeys are the evidences of your romantic moments with a special someone. It is a sign of the passionate lip locks that caused your blood vessels to break beneath your skin. It is a mild inflammation that generally heals by itself in a matter of days. The trapped blood is the cause of the bruise or mark that tells people your wild side. Being a bruise, it entails that it may be resolved using a few quick ways that is also used with a normal bruise. Here are some ways on how to get rid of hickeys:

  1. Ice

If the hickey is still fresh or you just had it several minutes ago, you can apply ice over it to prevent prominent formation of the mark. It may be no fun at all to kill the romance burning right at the moment but it will definitely save you from the I-know-what-you-did-last-night smirks from your office mates. The coldness of the ice will shrink the blood vessels and will prevent bruises from becoming graver than it already looks like. You may use an ice bag or a metal spoon which was placed in the freezer for several minutes to hours.

  1. Warm Compress

Now, if the hickey is causing you trouble for hours or days already, you should put on warm compress. This is a basic for any bruise to facilitate healing faster. The warmth shall loosen your epidermis and will promote blood flow into the area, thus facilitating nutrients as well which are needed for faster recuperation of the damaged vessels. Do this using either a warm tea bag or a simple washcloth. After periodic application of heat, the mark shall subside.

  1. Toothpaste

Another way on how to get rid of hickeys is through the use of toothpaste. Mint toothpaste serves the same purpose of the cold compress. Apply this over the hickey and massage it gently. This shall help diminish the mark. Just remember to keep away from other people until you are free from the odor of the toothpaste.

How to Get Rid of Hickeys

How to Get Rid of Hickeys

  1. Toothbrush

Stimulation is one good way on get rid of hickeys. Fingers may be used but the use of a toothbrush or a comb is more efficient way. Wipe the hickey’s location using a back and forth movement to let the trapped blood flow out of the confined area. This way, it will facilitate circulation and will minimize the mark as the blood flows out once again.

  1. Tubular objects

This is a classic way on how to get rid of hickeys. This may be a little hurtful but many people claim it to be very effective. To do this, you need a tubular object like for example your lipstick cap. Place it over the site of your hickeys and twist it. Do this technique continuously until you see a difference. The idea behind this technique is to push the broken vessels deep into the skin to prevent a mark from surfacing.

  1. Cover it up!

When all else fail and you still can’t get rid of that mark on your skin, you might need to simply cover it up with anything. Like for example if you have it on your neck, you can then wear turtle necks or scarves to cover its presence. If you do not have such apparel, then you can simply put on make ups or concealer over the hickey. Green eye shadow is advised to contradict the red color of the mark. After the green make up, you can add on a concealer to make it even less visible. Choose the one that is nearest to your natural color.


Now, if you still do not prefer doing these techniques, you can simply make the hickey worse. Perhaps make it big enough to resemble a burn from a heating iron. This is also one good way on how to get rid of hickeys.  Well, it doesn’t really remove the mark, but it will remove the doubtful looks that you will get once they see something that big. The idea of it being a hickey would instantly be removed out of their minds.


So there you have it, the fast and easy ways on how to get rid of hickeys. These are all just mere ways on how to minimize the mark. However, this mark is a bruise. Therefore, it needs time to subside. Most bruises resolves by itself so it is still better to wait for it naturally.


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